EFT Tapping

I love seeing people be empowered. That is why  I am so passionate about EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

​I am pleased to tell you about EFT and show you how to do it yourself. There are many ways to reduce your stress, and this is one. It is easy and fast to learn, and you can do it any time, anywhere. Like acupuncture you do yourself without needles, it only takes five minutes to learn.

I have been teaching EFT for ten years, most recently with veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Many have had improvement in their symptoms. I tell some of those stories in my book, Relieve Stress With this Ancient Secret: a Psychiatrist Shows You How.

However, this is not yet a mainstream technique, for several reasons. But not because it doesn’t work – it does work. I had good success teaching it to veterans, but at one hospital I was ordered to stop using it by a supervisor who preferred another therapy technique.

There are many books and videos out there that teach EFT. But it isn’t mainstream yet, because of people like that clinic supervisor. I’m not going to stop talking about it until it is mainstream. So tell your friends and family!

EFT diagrams are here

See a review of the evidence base for EFT here.